Do you want to create functional and stylish living spaces? Then, you should explore the elegance of the Venera TV unit now!
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Venera TV unit was designed to add a new breath to the decoration of your living room thanks to its eye-catching walnut color. The functional design, consisting of three different modules, allows you to capture order and elegance simultaneously. In the lower module, there’s a partitioned shelf between two drawers. The upper module is suitable for both a showcase and a library. Finally, the door cabinet, offering ample storage space, meets four open shelves with gold details in the side module.

So, it is effortless to perfectly adapt the modular design of the Venera TV unit to your living spaces. You can choose the most suitable one for your living room among the different size options of the lower module, and you can position the upper and side modules as you wish. By moving the TV unit to the center of your living room, you can create a dreamy atmosphere!

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