GOLD Mirror

Take the warmth of the walnut tree to your living spaces.

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The dining room set that will best suit the warm atmosphere of your home - from the Gold Collection The natural and minimal attitude of the wood responds to those seeking a natural simplicity. While the metal details animate the pieces, the intricate look of the wood reveals a modern posture.The massive wooden views which are the star of the inspiration by the natural life of furniture collections in 2018, form the outline of a simplistic scene emerging from almost every series. Gold Dining Room Set welcomes you with its a-little-bohemian, a-tad-minimal but quite-natural world. With its cover and surface designs, the series gives the impression of consisting of blocks. It's up to you to turn it into a geometric game. Be it spherical or plasmic material, you can use all kind of pieces that naturel materials gives life to as a complement for your dining room. Metal details make a difference despite their not-so-big roles. The curved handle design, which softens the sharp lines of the parts, also inspires the console table mirrors. And this creates the visual language of the series. The TV unit, which provides both storage space and stylish presentation, completes your home in this fine environment. The Gold Series, which carries the warmth of the walnut tree with your living spaces, best reflects the natural attitude in minimalism.

GOLD Quality hidden in details.
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