CLARA Sofa Set

Bringing modernity and chicness to your living spaces is not a dream. Our Clara Sofa Set is the definition of these two concepts!

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If you’re looking for a versatile comfort in your living spaces, Clara Sofa Set offers that for you! With its trio sleeper sofa, dual sleeper sofa and single chair, Clara Sofa Set creates a cozy atmosphere you have been looking for.

This cozy atmosphere allows you to read your favorite book in comfort, watch your favorite movie like you’re in bed and socialize with your family and friends without any need to leave. Besides, the trio and dual sleeper sofa turn into a comfortable bed for your guests so that you don’t have to worry if they spend the night well.

Besides its functions, Clara Sofa Set stands out with its design. Curved stitched sides and back pillows are in perfect contrast with the set’s cushions. And the walnut footing completes the design in harmony.

If you want to outfit your living space with Clara Sofa Set, DOĞTAŞ offers you a fast delivery option. You can use the alternative codes special for Clara Sofa Set and experience a different furnishing.

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